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Content Wizzard: Become a $500k Creator

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In just a year and a half, I made a solo content creation business earning $0.5M in annual revenue.

Now I live what people call "a dream life". I don't work for anyone. I can afford anything. I can be anywhere I want in the world. I just have fun, play around, help people, and earn money while doing it.


I'm sharing everything; EVERYTHING I know about:

  • Creating incredible, unique content
  • Growing to wild numbers on social media
  • Earning BIG
  • The mindset behind all this
  • ... and much more

I share practical and theoretical stuff applicable right now. I also share how you can quit your job fast and earn big with almost 0 followers.

I adore my life and I want to help you reach the same levels (even better ones - when students outgrew teachers!!!). Life is too short to settle down for something that's NOT INCREDIBLE. Never settle.

With this purchase, you'll get lifetime access, and I'll keep updating the course because I learn every single day.

Course Outline (13 chapters)

  1. Who Is @tech_wizzdom
    1. From $1k/month To ABUNDANCE
    2. Why Being A Full-Time Employee Suck
    3. How I Make $30k/month Just From Instagram
    4. Leverage Your Audience
    5. What Will This Course Bring You (TL;DR MONEY AND FREEDOM)
    6. A Simple “Trick” For Growth On Social Media
  2. Breaking The Biases
    1. “I’m afraid to put my face in front of the camera”
    2. “I’m ashamed that my friends/family see my content”
    3. “I don’t have enough money for the equipment”
    4. “My niche is already too competitive”
    5. “I don’t have any ideas”
    6. "It’s too late to start”
  3. Pick Your Niche And Go Viral
    1. Be Specific; Bring Clarity to Chaos
    2. Social Media Is A Business
    3. Rule Your Niche (Be #1, No Bullshit)
  4. Perfect Social Accounts (And How To Create Them)
    1. You’re A Brand, Act Like One
    2. Make Them Follow You Immediately
    3. Spread Like A Virus
  5. They Won’t Be Able To Move Their Eyes From Your Content
    1. A Blueprint For Attention Magnets
    2. Too Good To Scroll Away
    3. Magnify The Reach
    4. Satisfy The Algorithm
    5. Give WAY Less And Get WAY More
    6. Become A Content Producing Machine (In Way Less Time Per Week Than You Think)
  6. Convert Viewers To Superfans
    1. How To Make Them Trust You
    2. The 4 Levels Of Audience
    3. They Will Make You Rich
  7. Reaching Wild Following Numbers
    1. Never Stop
    2. Be You To Conquer Them
    3. The True Method Of Knowledge Is Experiment
    4. You Are Rich
    5. You Don’t Want Them To Like You; You Want Them To Know You
  8. Edit Videos Like A Pro
    1. It’s Easier Than You Think
    2. @tech_wizzdom Editing Live
  9. [BONUS] How To Earn Immediately And Quit Your Job In 3 Months
    1. Earn MASSIVE Without Followers
    2. You'll Quit Your Job Because Of This
    3. A Portfolio They Can’t Ignore
    4. You Are A Solution To Their Problems
    5. The Art Of Deal (Negotiation Secrets)
    6. Finding Your Perfect Customers (In Just A Few Minutes, Magic)
    7. Reaching Out To 1000 Perfect Customers Per Month - Fully Automated
    8. Supercharging Your Marketing Game
  10. [BONUS] Make Brands Pour Their Money Into Your Bank Account
    1. Brands Are Rich
    2. You’re Expensive
    3. You’re A Top Content Creator
    4. You’re An Expert In The Field
  11. [BONUS] Go To Bed And Wake Up With Money (Become A Passive Income Machine)
    1. “Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees” - BULLSHIT
    2. Why Having Clients Sucks
    3. Give Them Your Creations And Claim Your Abundance
  12. Behind The Scenes - How I Shoot And Edit Content
    1. What Will You See Here
    2. Writing Scripts Like A Pro
    3. Shooting Time!
    4. Video Editing
    5. Adios Gracias
  13. Negotiating Deals With Brands (raw, real material - not examples)
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Content Wizzard: Become a $500k Creator

19 ratings
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